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Being A Beautiful inside and outside Person

Sometimes we wonder what does it mean to be beautiful inside and outside?

Well  It means that you are an intelligent, kind, and friendly person personality wise "On The Inside" and attractive in the looks department on the outside.

People that are attractive from early in life get things easy so they tend to end up selfish, and thinks that they can get whatever they want without them do an effort , and have no real reason to learn anything , because if they want something they just need to con people into giving it to them.

Like attractive girls flashing some cleavage in high school to get a better grade then getting a job as a hostess where they get paid to look cute then getting a sugar daddy to pay for things.

That is the example that they are an empty people,People that end up having a hard time in life after their looks fade.
Truly whole people are attractive but not stupid, They put more importance on intelligence and and substance than looks, even though they could go out and get things easy because they are hot.

And here is a way to become a more beautiful inside and outside person :

    1. Confident 

    Believe yourself first that you are beautiful just the way you are. 
     confident in this way means that you are truly confident express yourself, you proud to be yourslef. Because if you want to be beautiful inside and outside person, you must have self-confident. it really works, why? you must trust yourself that you want to be a beautiful inside and outside person and it's gonna work as well if you try to love your imperfection, nobody is perfect, but your imperfection is what makes you confident being a beautiful inside and outside person. like example;
    Confident about your body,your face and etc.

     2.Good Personality 

    Well even when you have a pretty face but you have an ugly personality its such a waste.
    Because what's the meaning of having a pretty face with an ugly personality, all we want was having a good face and a beautiful personality. i meant, it doesn't matter when someone tells you that you aren't pretty enough, all that maters was you have a good personality. because  Beauty gets the attention, personality gets the heart. as long as you have a good personality all doesn't matter. because everybody loves you because your personality not your beautiness.

    3.Has a knowledge 

     Knowledge is important too, beside have self-confident and good personality, whats the point of beauty without brain. then if you have the three of it you'll be beautiful inside and outside. because knowledge is very important this day, and you must has it because example when you buy or use make up, some day it'll be empty or expired, the solutions? then you need to buy it again. but knowledge is different, it never run out, even when you forgot soemthing, there's a way you still can learn it. And knowledge is never expired, it's very important these day.

    4.Travel more 

    Travel somewhere - where you can become more worldly, and sophisticated; and in the process become a more interesting person. Travel can make you learn about the different side of people from other country just learn how they talk, learn about their mind, learn from their kindness and many more. also you can make a new friends and keep up being a beautiful inside and outside person. now go travel with friends or alone and being healthy so you have a good personality, knowledge about place that you visit and make friends. and by traveling we can know our self


    You can do lots of activities such as go to yoga class, a spa, playing sport, go to the gym, etc. why? it helps you to release all stress hormon that in your mind or in your body, so you can be fit and having a good mind. i recommend you to have one of this activities.




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