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How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You

First before you guys read : 

The title somehow is based from a book called "How to make a man fall in love with you" 
By Tracy Cabot 

It was originally published in 1984

I only copy some of the writing based on the book, but more thinking with my thoughts

The first idea that comes to my mind is, why i'm not making a blog based on this book. The first time i know this book is from my mom because she has the book. 

Honestly, i'm not a person that like to read novels or books, but somehow i like to read a novels or a books that i think is pretty interested. 

But this book by Tracy Cabot is beautiful, this books makes me fall in love from the first time i read this book. This book somehow makes me impressed not because i want to know to how to make a man fall in love with me, but the writing somehow it's kinda like a magic. making you curious then it's suddenly interesting. 

But, in this blog i'm not gonna tell you how much impressive this books was to me. I mean, i know there's a lot of people that makes a blog with the same title as well , but the reason why i write this blog based from the book because, the book is published in 1984 and now is 2017 which is long time ago. And probably nobody in this generation ever know this book was exist, so its kinda like history. I want people to know and understand it, also remember it.

"How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You" 

If you will follow The love Plan steps without deviating, without falling back on the dumb things we've all tried in the past. I guarantee you wont fail.

-What Not To Do-


No man in his right mind is going to make a long-term commitment to a suicidal woman. Suicide attempts usually only get his pity until he feels safe getting out. The same goes for pregnancy, real or pretend, especially in today's world of easy termintation.


There's a lot of woman that do a "Fake Pregnancy" or real pregnancy just to make her lover stay with her. Many woman thinks it's the only thing that works, but the reality is that maybe some of guys will run away, or choose the abortions way, or just stay with her just because pity but soon will go away. But rarely too there's a guy that married his girlfriend because maybe the parents or that he is responsible to what have he done. 


Woman have told me about bribing men with everything from trips, fancy cars, expensive clothes, to hard-to-get concert and theater tickets,even houses and boats. Sure, it all works for maybe one date or two, or even a few months while he's accepting your goodies. But in between collecting whatever you have to offer and paying you back with a few precious moments of his time, you can never be sure he isn't out there falling in love with someone else. You simply can't buy love, no matter how rich you are. 


Have a plan to get attention from your crush, with jealousy plan is so wrong. Well, maybe you expecting him to fight for you or you just want to test if someone flirt with you, is he mad or not? but seriously don't do this things. Because what you think might not turn into what you expect. If you do this way, your crush probably not gonna fight with other guy that flirt with you, but he's thinking twice about is he really want to make a commitment with you. Sometimes man doesn't like a woman that do this kinda things to get his attention, because they thinks a woman that do it is such a player. So please, think twice before you have this plan in your mind. 

-Crazy Love- 

The main reason these kinds of crazy trick don't work is because any man, no matter how unsophisticated he is, will make plans to leave when you act unbalanced or do out-of-the-ordinary things for him. He may not understand what's going on, but no matter who he is, he doesn't want to fall in love with a crazy woman who does crazy things with men. The love plan is the same way to get a man and make him stay. 

Crazy love is crazy because it's unbalanced to begin with. you are capable of love and he's not. The more you give of yourself to make him love you, the less he gives. The less he gives, the more desperate you get. The very first step in The Love Plan is to recognize Crazy Love and to understand  why it's unhealthy and hopeless. 

-The End- 

Chapter One

There's no intention to copyright the book, i just want people to know how to make a man fall in love with you based from the book. Because this books published in 1984 

And i hope you enjoy my writing 

Comment what you think i should write next. 



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